Work Permit and Study Permit

New Method

With an update made at the end of 2018, the application for work and study permits has been made much easier. According to this regulation, answering a question of the IMM 00008 form, which is one of the forms filled in the first of the asylum application steps, will be sufficient for both applications.

It will be sufficient for these applications to be made by typing the names of the relevant person or persons (if the family is applying with all the family members, they will need these permissions) in Question 10 of the IMM00008 Form and ticking the boxes opposite of them. These permissions applied for are sent to the address specified in the form by mail in a short time.

Old Method

If there is no answer to this question in the new form or if this answer is wanted to be changed later and one of the permissions needs to be applied, then the application should be made as follows according to the old system. Both work permit applications and study permit applications can be made online or on paper.

Link for the work permit application:

Link for the study permit application:

The documents required for a work permit application are as follows:

  1. Application form
  2. The first page of the passport or asylum application ID (if your family is here, their passport and asylum application ID as well)
  3. One-page medical exam paper for you during the examination
  4. Digital photograph

**How to Apply:**case

When you follow the link above and enter the page, if you have an existing bank account, you can click “Continue to Sign-In Partner” and proceed. This method is faster because you do not need to open an account from the beginning and the system takes your information directly from the bank database. If you do not have a bank account, you can open an account and proceed by clicking the “Continue to GCKey” button below. (Keep the password and security questions and answers you will use while registering here. You will need it in case you make other applications through the GCKey account.)

After clicking “Continue to Sign-In Partner” or opening an account by clicking the “Continue to GCKey” button, you will be asked a series of questions. The page will be redirected after the questions is the home page of an account that belongs to you. You can upload the above-mentioned necessary documents, such as a photo for a work permit, application form, refugee claimant ID, by clicking the “upload” button, and you can exit the site and continue from where you left off at any time within 30 days, and complete your application. (After 30 days, it can be difficult to download/open the Work permit application form on this website. You need to start over.) We recommend using the Internet Explorer browser instead of Google Chrome for this application process. The application is free.

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