Renting a Place

The process of renting a house for newcomers in Canada, points to be considered, and what to do.

Websites of Use is the most reliable site for renting a house. Home research can be done on this site. It is a site where the real estate agent system in all of Canada is included. is a system that mostly homeowners create by posting ads; uploading pictures to the system. The point to be considered here is whether that house really belongs to that owner, it may be useful to check it through a well-known real estate agent. Sometimes there can be fraudulent transactions. is the site where most rental apartments are listed. The apartment managements enter information on this site, you can directly ask about the rental opportunities by calling or visiting the relevant office. Generally, washing machines are shared in these apartments (that is if there is no machine in your house) and the shared washing machines come with a fee.

Location of the House

The location of the house you are considering renting should be researched, and the school your children would go to (since it is an address-based school system, your child must go to a school near your house) can be examined. You can get information on this subject from your acquaintances who live in those regions and from our foundation officials who used to come here.

Credit Score

Your credit score is a topic that is brought up to everyone when buying a house in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you have just arrived in Canada or if you have been living here for years, they usually ask this question.

If you don’t have a credit rating, the solution is to give a few months more on rent or arrange a guarantor – of course, the credit report and business documents of the person who will be the guarantor must be ready and in good condition.


You have to prove your income. How much do you receive monthly? Will this income be enough to pay your rent? Homeowners will want to see the answers to these questions. Most of the time, the landlords or the real estate agent of the landlord call and check the work certificate you get from the workplace.

First Deposit

As a general rule when renting a house, first rent and final rent are given, so if your house rent is $1500, $3000 is given for two months. If rental aid is to be received, the limit on this issue should be well known and the rent aid should be applied in that way. Assistance with the final rent is usually sent directly to the landlord by check. If such assistance is to be requested, the landlord must be informed in advance.

Questions to Ask

It is important to know what you are signing when signing your house lease agreement. What will you pay? Who will do the repairs? Do you have car parking and where? It is necessary to look at details such as when you will make the payment.

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